God is omnipresent and He dwells in each one of us


The soul of every individual is a minute part of the universal soul i.e. God. God is omnipresent and He dwells in each one of us. The Vedanta states that knowledge of the Self is itself the true knowledge. Unless you know by experience who you are, how can you know others? After experience, the individual realises that he is the soul principle and not the body or the mind. Our life is a constantly active amalgamation of the body, mind and soul which act as one unit. The soul does not have any qualities hence it is impossible to describe it. A yogi following the Path of Knowledge (Dnyanyoga) experiences the soul as Absolute Knowledge and Bliss. A devotee following the Path of Devotion (Bhaktiyoga) experiences the soul as spiritual love, beauty and Bliss. One following the Path of Action (Karmayoga) experiences the soul as infinite creativity, activity and Bliss. Even the eternal Truth – God who is formless and devoid of qualities (nirgun) is experienced by the spiritually evolved according to their own path.- Tanuja Thakur

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