The denigration of today’s art

The denigration of today’s art
In ancient Bharatiya culture, art was a medium for God-realisation. Thus, it was perceived as a Yogmaarg (Path of spiritual practice to attain God). Today, art is being used for satiating carnal desires. Earlier, artists used to portray the tales of avatars (incarnation), saints, ascetics, Mahapurush (great ones), national patriotic leaders and woman with high moral values. Today, by showing tales on the celluloid from lives of sensuous and criminal women and venereal men, the society’s mind is being systematically polluted and by giving national awards to such artists and films, our political leaders(rulers)who are themselves lowly and ill-cultured  is encouraging the sketching of other characterless men and women on the celluloid. Really, a secular society (society devoid of Dharma)  starts living a life worse than that of an animal.-Tanuja Thakur (20.6.2012)

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