Following Dharma Path steadfastly is apt for a seeker

Hata vo praapsyasi swargam jitva va bhokshyase maheem
Tasmadutthishth Kaunteya yuddhay krutnishchayah
Meaning : Either you will get killed in the war, or you will attain heaven; or you will win the war and will get to rule over the Earth. For this reason, O Arjuna! You must take a decision to fight the war and stand up for it.
Implied meaning : God Krushna is motivating Arjuna to wage Dharma Yuddha. He says that the war will either lead to a victory, or like a brave warrior, death will come, both the situations are beneficial. If victory comes, the pleasure of ruling over the earth will be experienced and if death comes, even that will lead to Punya (merit) and consequently, heaven will be attained, meaning in both the situations, Dharmapaalan (abiding by Dharma) will result in happiness; thus, the welfare of one practising Dharmaacharan (abiding by the code of conduct as per Vedic Dharma) is a certainty. Hence, by not performing one’s duty out of desire, sin and defamation results, which does not behold any Kshatriya (warrior). Hence, following Dharma Path steadfastly is apt for a seeker. Infusing Arjuna with Kshatriya Bhav (spiritual emotion of a warrior) God Krushna says, “Stand up and fight the war”. Tanuja Thakur


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