True Education leads us to God

Real education is that which guides us towards achieving unison with God. Various streams of modern science and education take us closer to Maya (illusion) and are means to possess mere luxuries and comforts. Since these drive us away and alienate us from God, their significance in our life is zero. – Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale

Implied meaning : The definition of vidya(real knowledge) is, “सा विद्या या मुक्तये”, “Sa Vidya Ya Muktaye”, meaning it guides us to the path where we can attain self realisation. Modern science and the existing education system don’t have an iota on this subject. Therefore, a person is able to possess and get material comforts, but unable to experience the intangible bliss and make spiritual progress, one of the foremost objectives of human birth. Hence, it has zero value. Today, despite an abundance of material comforts, several afflictions are increasing, there is decrease in values both at the individual and social level. A situation of chaos now exists around us. Remember that our Vasundhara (Mother Earth) is not a Bhog Bhoomi (land for mirth), but Sadhana Bhoomi (land for spiritual practice). But modern science and secular education have converted it into a Bhog Bhoomi. Thus, rather than education, everyone will have to engage in Vidya-Arjan (gaining knowledge about self realisaton) once again.-  Tanuja Thakur

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