Smt. Juhi Chauhan’s Spiritual Experiences (Anubhuti)


Anubhuti (spiritual experiences) of seekers:Here are some Anubhutis narrated by Smt. Juhi Chauhan.

(i) In March 2012, we had organised a three-day spiritual workshop of Tanuja Didi. Every day, at the end of the discourse, Didi used to recite a couplet running into four lines in Marathi language. I really liked that couplet, but I did not understand its meaning. My husband knows Marathi. So I asked him, but was not satisfied with the meaning given by him. After the spiritual workshop at Aligarh concluded, we went with Didi for another discourse at Agra. After the discourse, Didi on her own explained the meaning of that couplet before reciting it in Marathi. Once I understood the meaning, I felt as if Didi had read my mind and told me the meaning. I was quite satisfied after listening to the meaning.
(ii) Whenever I remember Didi earnestly, she calls me up. At times, I can even see Didi going from one room to another. She even provides guidance through the subtle medium from time to time. On the night of April 17, 2012, she came in my dream and said that someone has cast an evil influence on your house. Hence, you must do this chant of God Shiv and gave a Mantra. However, when I woke up in the morning, I could not remember the Mantra recommended by Didi. Hence, I called her up and even as I was narrating everything to her, Didi said your Mantra has changed. You must chant ‘Om Om Namah Shivaay Om’. Then I recollected that Didi had told me the same Mantra in my dream too, but I had forgotten it. I experienced both surprise and bliss that the Mantra recommended by Didi in my dream, and later during our telephonic conversation, were the same ! A few days prior to this incidence, my father-in-law and both the children had suddenly started falling sick.
Analysis of the experience:

The Bhav (spiritual emotion) of this Seeker is pleasant and because of this, the Almighty is granting her such experiences. Several Seekers have told me that they see my subtle form their homes, but I myself am not aware of it. I am immersed in my service and do not even realise when the day turns into night. If any person is to render service under my guidance in future, the Almighty increases his/her faith by granting such Anubhutis.
This Seeker and her husband have a Hindutva bent of mind and also make efforts to serve Dharma. Some people have an evil eye on their house and they also face troubles from demonic forces of the sublte world. Hence, in order to protect them, the Almighty took my form and guided them in a dream. As is said, ‘Dharm Aiv Hato, Hanti Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah’. It means “Hence, Almighty will protect those who make efforts to protect Hindu Dharma in some way, or the other.

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