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Observing celibacy(brahmacharya): Brahmacharya (ब्रह्मचर्य) is derived from two words Brahman (ब्रह्म), towards Brahman and charya (चर्य), to walk. Thus it means going (from happiness) towards Bliss, because Brahman is Blissful. In the literal sense celibacy is applicable to all seekers, but conventionally it refers to a seeker who does spiritual practice avoiding the experience of sexual pleasure, since adolescence.When defining brahmacharya a quote states that
‘ब्रह्मचर्याणां सर्वावस्थासु मनोवाक्कायकर्मभि: सर्वत्र मैथुनत्याग: ।’
meaning the sacrifice of intercourse in all states of the body, mind and speech is known as celibacy.
स्मरणं कीर्तनं केली श्रवणं गुह्यभाषणम् ।
संकल्पोऽध्यवसायश्च क्रियानिष्पत्ति एव च ।
एतद् मैथुनं अष्टांगं प्रवदन्ति मनैषिणा: ।

Meaning: 1. Thinking of a woman, 2. Description of her qualities, 3. Playing games with her, 4. Listening to her talk, 5. Speaking to her when alone, 6. Wishing to acquire her, 7. Trying to acquire her and 8. Actual intercourse are the eight types of sexual intercourse.Hence a seeker should not indulge in any of the above activities. A seeker’s celibacy is destroyed by anyone of the above eight sexual acts. A married householder’s celibacy however is destroyed only by the actual sexual act. The more one progresses towards the sattva component the more are the restrictions.

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