Change the parameters of resistance

During the present times, some people and a few organisations undertake a fast-unto-death to oppose some immoral principles and acts of corruption of Rashtradrohis (those against the nation) and Dharmadrohis (the unrighteous ones) through peaceful means!! Expressing one’s views through peaceful means is the tool of protest in a civilised society; but when you have to convince uncivilised ones, no sin is incurred if we need to take an unrighteous means is what the scriptures say. To be precise one can say in a civilised language, ‘Shathe shaathyam samacharet’ that is tit for tat; hence, do not sacrifice your invaluable human life for such people by undertaking fast, doing fraud with fraudsters is not called a fraud and eliminating the wicked ones is not called violence; hence, change the parameters of resistance.  – Tanuja Thakur

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