Devi stuti

अयि गिरिनंदिनि नंदितमेदिनि विश्वविनोदिनि नंदनुते
गिरिवर विंध्य शिरोधिनिवासिनि विष्णुविलासिनि जिष्णुनुते |
भगवति हे शितिकण्ठकुटुंबिनि भूरि कुटुंबिनि भूरि कृते
जय जय हे महिषासुरमर्दिनि रम्यकपर्दिनि शैलसुते || ||
Meaning : I pray to you, O loved daughter of the mountain (himavaan), who is praised by the whole world and the Nandi and the one who entertains the universe. You control the entire world, residing in the peak of the great Vindhya mountain and God Vishnu himself, is so fond of you.
O Goddess who is the  consort of the Shiva and belonging to God Shiva’s family, please bring us a lot of good fortune. Let there be victory to you, O beautiful daughter of the mountain and slayer of the demon mahishasura.

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