Prayer to be done while doing pradakshina(Circumambulation) of temple or deity

यानि कानि च पापानि जन्मांतर कृतानि च |
तानि सर्वाणि विनश्यन्ति प्रदक्षिण पदे पदे ||

After the darshan of the deity in the temple do pradakshina (circumbulation) or the temple or of the garbhgruh (sanctum sanctorum) and if its not possible take three rounds around yourself and chant this verse
yani kani cha paapani janmaantarkrutani cha
tani sarvaani vinashyanti pradakshin pade pade
Meaning : O! Almighty, I have commited many sins in this birth and previous births .I beseech you to destroy them at every step that I take around you.

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