Viewpoint regarding contribution towards spreading spirituality

Some people err in thinking that, ” when I myself am not well versed about Dharma and Spirituality, how will I be able to spread Spirituality?”
When God Krushna lifted the Govardhan mountain with His little finger the cowherds and their wives (gopas and gopis) helped in their own way by supporting it with their sticks. Though the Guru, God will reinstate Dharma, hence each one should make one’s small contribution towards it. One should study and teach Spirituality or provide financial help for the mission, whatever is possible according to one’s ability. If both these are not possible then one can paste posters, put up banners, organise lectures or workshops on Spirituality, collect funds for the mission, etc . –  Paratpar Guru  Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

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