Only the guru can guide the seeker towards the Nirgun (unmanifest )

guru shishya

Since my childhood, I have been a follower of the Nirguna(unmanifest form of God) and this is possibly the reason why my Shree Guru always guided me through the Nirguna medium. When I started doing Sadhana under the guidance of Shree Guru in the year 1997, just two months later He told me, “You need not come to me from now on. You carry on doing Sadhana from wherever you are, your Sadhana will continue from there itself.” I did Sadhana under his tutelage from 1997 to 2008. Even in the middle of this, I used to do Seva independently in different districts, neither were there any guides in the gross form to keep an eye on me, nor any bondages!! And in the end, in the year 2009, He even withdrew the gross umbrella of protection. The reality is that a Sadguru knows which seeker has to do Saguna Sadhana (spiritual practice with attributes) and which seeker has to do it through Nirguna. In real terms, a real Sadguru is one who does not entangle the disciples in personal form, or gross form, that is why Sadguru is known as Parabrahma! When a disciple is in Dvait Bhav (state of duality), the reminiscence of Sadguru is found in every breath that the disciple takes.

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