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Anubhuti (spiritual experiences) of seekers

Anubhuti of Bhaarat Pandya, Africa
“I came into contact with Maa via Facebook. Initially, I was not reading her posts seriously. Generally, before adding anyone to my Facebook friend’s list, I always used to check the horoscope if the date is available (as I know a little bit of basic astrology). One day, after reading her posts, I felt a bit curious and prepared her horoscope from the basic information that she had shared on Facebook. The chart is indicative of an extraordinary soul that has come down to earth to enlighten people like us.
I have come in close contact with many well-known  saints and gurus but somehow, I was not particularly impressed by anyone of them. But I could experience an irresistible pull towards Maa. I have been regularly doing morning and evening prayers, but after getting associated with Maa, I now derive immense bliss from Sadhana. Surprisingly, I started to get her vision in the photographs of our Kuldevi and Maha Lakshmi kept in the place of our worship in the house.
I did not believe in doing pooja of a living person. Hence, I had removed the photographs of all the goddesses and kept only photographs of Ganesh, Shiv and Bajranbali.  I thought that I saw her because of some apprehension. I even stopped doing Puja for seven days.  I have a photograph of Maha Lakshmi on my desk calendar. As soon as I looked at it, I could experience her vision and I could realise that she is omniscient and is not restricted to my place of worship.  I immediately called up Maa and sought her blessings.  After doing Sadhana prescribed by Maa, I was completely cured of my habit of drinking and smoking.  After meeting her, I and my sons are experiencing rapid progress in business and jobs. My wife had come to India in February 2012.  Upon my insistence, she took one of her nieces to have a Darshan of Maa. Surprisingly, she casually told so many things about our family that my wife and her niece were surprised. After meeting her, the niece’s problems too have started reducing. The day my wife went to have a Darshan of Maa, the same day one of my friends offered me a partnership in the business without  my having to invest money. I had been making efforts to enter such a business for the last two years.  Maa sent a strip of the chant of  Dattatreya stickers with my wife and the very first day, just keeping them under my head while sleeping, cured me of my two-year-old backache. “
Analysis of Anubhuti: When God feels that a seeker needs guidance in the gross form, He starts the process of guidance through some spiritualist in the gross form.  My subtle form becoming visible in pictures of goddesses was a divine game of God, so that the seeker’s Bhav towards me should increase and he is inspired to be guided further.  We have no contribution to make in such Anubhutis.
Bhaarat Pandya’s house had Pitru Dosh of a severe level and by doing qualified Sadhana, he could free himself from from his addictions and he derived monetary benefit.  The strip of chanting that I had sent with his wife, has been made under the guidance of my Shree Guru and is a Sattvik (pure) strip and thus, spiritual healing was done on him and his troubles vanished, for his back pain was of a spiritual nature.

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