Preeti-A Divine Virtue for the Seekers

Some people feel that they have sacrificed their body, mind and wealth; hence, their spiritual progress will certainly take place.  They will have to keep in mind that merely sacrificing body, mind and wealth is not enough, but the divine virtue of Preeti (absolute love) too must be there.   Sacrifice reduces the attachment towards Maya (illusion); but it does not lead to the creation of virtues.  Without creating divine virtues like preeti, it is not possible to acquire unison with the Supreme Being. Sacrifice leads to progress at Vyashti Sadhana (spiritual practice at an individual level) level but Samashti Sadhana (spiritual practice at a societal level) does not take place. –  Paratpar Guru  His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

Implied Meaning:  Sadhana is of two types – Vyashti Sadhana and Samashti SadhanaVyashti Sadhana, meaning efforts at making spiritual progress of self and Samashti Sadhana implies making efforts to inspire the society to do spiritual progress by propagating the tenets of  Dharma .
Along with sacrificing the body, mind and wealth, it is important to imbibe the quality of  Preeti (absolute love).  Just as a drop of oil and a drop of water cannot get assimilated with each other, similarly if we want to achieve Oneness with God, we will have to inculcate His virtues.  Preeti is a divine virtue; hence, seekers must make efforts to imbibe this virtue. –  Tanuja Thakur


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