Maatru Devo Bhava Pitru Devo Bhava part-1

mother and child

  Maatru Devo Bhava Pitru Devo Bhava


Through guru’s grace, I was brought up by parents who were very religious and spiritual; but unfortunately I lost their company in 1999 forever in an accident, in this hour of Pitru Paksh, I would like to present some of my reminiscences before you, may these recollections prove to be a motivation for you, this is my prayer unto God’s feet.

Clouds cannot cover sunlight forever

      In the year 1990, I too became a victim of widespread corruption in Bihar Inter Council and instead of 98% marks, I had to be satisfied with 58% marks.  This incident shook me to the core.  I was disappointed, my father said to me most affectionately, “Child, clouds can cover sun’s light only for some time, not forever, you keep doing your Karma (action). If you have the light in you, one day or the other, it will shine.”  These words of my father injected fresh energy inside me and I once again, turned towards my Karma with full concentration.

Increasing capabilities to fight evil ones was important

In the midst of all this,  in the year 1990, an intense desire to launch an agitation against the systemic corruption that had pervaded everywhere took birth, along with the inspiration to create a healthy society which had values.  I told my father, “I will not tolerate oppression and will oppose it and teach them all a lesson.” My father said very patiently, “Child, today the evil ones are well-organised and powerful, you increase your capabilities, so that can uproot them entirely.” Since that day, I have been increasing my physical, mental and spiritual capability to be able to uproot the evil ones and when God commands me to do so, I shall certainly destroy them, for till today, I have retained the outrage within me.”

Ishwaram yat karoti shobhanam karoti (Whatever God does, it’s for ur goodwill )

 In the midst of this, one day, a bit disappointed, I asked my father, “Why did this happen only to me?”    To encourage me, my father said, “There must be some goodwill hidden behind this too, Ishwaram yat karoti shobhanam karoti, meaning whatever God does, is for our benefit. I said, “What could be the goodwill behind this, for with such less marks, I could not even have got admission into an institution of my choice.”  My father in an attempt to make me understand and giving me an optimistic viewpoint added, “I and you are on the ground floor, God is on the 100th floor.  He knows what is best for His daughter.  Don’t be disappointed, see, one day you will realise that there was a special grace of God on you; hence, He planned out all this for you, not today; but some years down the line, you will realise that whatever God did for me, was the best for me.”

Today, when I look back, I realise that whatever my father had told me was cent per cent correct, that incident changed the course of my life and from that day onwards, I chose my goals not for Vyashti hitaarth (personal benefit), but for Samashti hitaarth (societal welfare) and started making  efforts to realise those objectives.  I took a resolve that I would myself capable of creating a new society, so that some other Tanuja does not have to see such a day.


By setting an example sowed the seeds of intrepidity

I was then in Class X, one day I had to attend an ‘extra class’.  I was to return home from school at 11.00 a.m, when my father asked me to go to an office for some personal work. The office was on the way to my school.        I asked my father, “I will not go there, no woman is to be seen there.”  My father replied, “Junko Tabei, a woman scaled Mt. Everest along with men and you cannot even go to a local office to get a small errand done?”  For a few moments, I felt like going to Junko Tabei and tell her that you climbed the Himalayas; but see what all I have to do because of you.”  Really, my parents have had a big role to play in refining my character, they used to quote small and big examples before me as an ideal and it is because of them, that I have  imbibed so many virtues and one of the virtues is intrepidity which too has been endowed by them.

The last blessings of father provide inspiration even today

      It was September 1998.  My father had come to see me off at the railway station, I did not know that it was a moment of last meeting between a father and a daughter.  I had come to my parents at Dhanbad and having stayed with them for ten days, I was returning to Mumbai. I had seen tears in the eyes of my father for the first time. Tears were flowing continuously.  He was extremely blissful due to the spiritual progress I had made and in my youth was under the patronage of a saint of a high level, His Holiness Dr. Athavale’s guidance.  When the train was about to leave, I bent down to touch his feet.  His last words were, “Go child, you will emancipate my Kula (clan).”  Whether or not I will be able to emancipate the Kula, I do not know; but today after so many years his words still fill my heart with motivation and joy!  After this incident, I could never have his glimpse, for he left for the eternal abode on January 7 and I could only look at his body in Samadhi!  But whatever little I have earned in spirituality, is the blessings of my parents and my Shree Guru!  Friends, keep your parents happy, serve them; their blessings are capable of giving you anything in this universe.

Parents permitted me to do full-time Sadhana

In October 1998, I had come from Mumbai to Dhanbad to meet my parents.  Since my childhood, whenever the family would get together, only spiritual discussions would take place.  That day too, we all were sitting together and discussing about Satsang.  I was telling them that my mind does not relish worldly life, I want to be free from all bondage and  pursue full-time Sadhana and I have come to seek your permission towards this end.   My father said smilingly, “I knew this beforehand, for your Dadi (paternal grandmother) had already predicted this at the time of your birth; thus, who am I to interfere with your Prarabdh (destiny).  You continue to proceed on this path for the upliftment of the self and welfare of the world and my blessings are with you for this.”  I asked him, “If you knew this earlier, why did you not tell me about it?”   By the way, I too had an inkling of this in 1990, that I have not come into this world to enjoy the worldly pleasures.  My father said with a spontaneous emotion, “Child, I did not want to form any prejudice within your mind by telling you something beforehand. I wanted to shoulder the responsibilities of being a father and let  destiny take its own course.” My mother had tears in her eyes.  She said, “When I used to observe a fast, you used to scold me that I do not pay attention to my health.  Now should I oppose you, because I merely used to offer my body at the feet of the Almighty, but you are thinking of offering all that is yours unto Him?”   My mother was a dutiful, religious and a strict Karmakaandi (as per rituals prescribed in the scriptures), who used to observe one fast or the other for a minimum of 170 days in an year. She did not keep good health; hence, being the eldest among the siblings I used to tell her to do mental Sadhana and in this sequence, used to convince her a lot and  at times also used to oppose this Hathayog of hers, for usually her health would deteriorate after observing every fast.  Looking at mother, I said, “You can never oppose me, had you too immersed yourself in usual enjoyments, spent time talking to your friends, the impressions of Sadhana would neither never have been imprinted on my mind, nor would I have experienced God’s and Guru’s grace at this age; hence, you alone are responsible for this and moreover, you only have taught, “Baadhe poot pita ke ghar main aur kheti upaje apne karma.”  Mother started laughing and said, “No one can defeat you in a war of words.”  Just then, father asked for some water and I went into the kitchen to fetch water.  My mother asked my father, “So now, my daughter will never be able to become a mother?”  My father’s voice tone was a  bit high.  He said, “Everyone’s daughter becomes a mother, God has chosen your daughter to become the mother of the entire universe, take pride in both your womb and your daughter, you have been emancipated.”  Listening to these words from my father’s mouth, my hands started trembling, thinking of such lofty thinking from him, tears welled up in my eyes.  Gaining my composure and posing as if I had not heard anything, when I went to him to serve water, I saw my mother rubbing her eyes with the edge of her saree to hide the tears. -Tanuja Thakur


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