Speciality of Poorn (those who have attained Absoluteness) saints

The speciality of Poorn (those who have attained Absoluteness) saints is that several people get the impression that if one has become self-realised, that saint has attained Absoluteness; but it is not so, saints too have posts of Guru, Sadguru and Paratpar Guru. Self-realisation can be attained at 70% spiritual level and beyond that too, saints have to keep persisting with Sadhana (spiritual practice) to attain Absoluteness. All Dharma Sansthapaks ( Founders of Dharmas that were established in Kaliyug), those who did not accept and preach the tenets of Sanatan Dharma pertaining to the subtle world, or have opposed other tenets of Sanatan Dharma were not Poorn saints! Come, let us take a look at some of the prominent signs of Poorn saints:
(i) They accord recognition to both Sagun (manifest) and Nirgun (unmanifest) forms.
(ii) They possess a unique blend of devotion and Absolute knowledge.
(iii) If need be, they demonstrate Kshatravrutti (warrior-like attitude).
(iv) They completely accept the principles of Vedic Sanatan Dharma, such as Pitru Karm (deeds pertaining to ancestors), Punarjanm (rebirth), Sagun-Nirgun form etc.
(v) There is absolute accuracy in their writings regarding the subtle world too.
(vi) They possess accurate and complete information about the subtle world.
(vii) Positive and negative energies both want their Gati (allevation for higher positive regions ) from them.
(viii) The Granths (Holy texts) written by them provide guidance to beings till the end of creation.
(ix) They attain Mukti (Liberation) even when they are in the physical form.
(x) Asht Mahasiddhis (eight super natural powers) frolic in their courtyard.
(xi) They propagate their teachings based on all the main scriptures of Sanatan Dharma like Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharat Bhagwadgeeta, etc.
In brief, those saints who did not accept and propagate these qualities, did not attain Absoluteness.
Some examples of Poorna Saints – Adi Guru Sankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramhans, Telang Swami, Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhaktraj Maharaj, His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale etc.    –  Tanuja Thakur

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