Anubhuti (spiritual experiences) of seekers from Godda, Jharkhand

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What is an Anubhuti (Spiritual Experience )?

When a seeker begins to make progress on the path of spiritual practice, God grants the seeker certain experiences. With the support of such experiences, the seeker begins to proceed with incre
ased enthusiasm on the path of spiritual practice.
An anubhuti (spiritual experience) is beyond the mind and intellect, experienced by our embodied soul through the medium of subtle senses. It is difficult to analyse it at the level of mind and intellect. But our faith gets enhanced through such anubhutis.
Anubhutis can be in the context of both, material level and spiritual level. For instance, if someone’s faith gets enhanced through worldly benefits, that person receives similar experiences. Anubhutis are, in a way, milestones in our spiritual journey that provide momentum and guidance. By listening to, or reading the anubhuti of other seekers, our belief process strengthens. And if we too get such experiences, we begin to comprehend that a particular incident was in reality, an anubhuti.

Anubhuti (spiritual experiences) of seekers :

Anubhuti of some seekers from Godda, Jharkhand

“On September 5, 2010, when I was at Kaali temple in our village, I had a headache. When Tanuja Didi came, I stood up and my headache vanished all of a sudden.”
– Sandhya Kumari, Class VI student

“On April 4, 2010, when I was going to Vishnu Dhaam (where Tanuja Didi lives), I started having a headache. When we reached there, Didi gave us some toffees which I accepted as Prasaad and when I ate it, the headache disappeared immediately. After this, the moment I was going to Didi to share this Anubhuti, I again developed a headache. I started praying to God and the headache vanished and I could then narrate my Anubhuti to Didi.”
– Sapna Kumari, B.A. Part I student

“On October 4, 2010, I did not learn the lesson for my tuitions class, so the teacher asked me to learn the lesson by heart, but I still could not do so. I prayed to Maa Saraswati and was immediately able to learn the lesson by heart.”
– Manisha Kumari, Class V student

“On July 27, 2010, when I touched Tanuja Didi’s feet, my entire body could experience coolness.”
– Manisha Kumari, Class V student
“On April 23, 2010, when my mother went to Patna to a doctor for treatment, I did not feel like doing anything at home and my mind became restless. But the next day, the moment I saw Tanuja Didi and heard the sound of her ‘Scooty’, there was a satisfaction and contentment. I developed patience and courage and I immediately called up my mother and told her, “Everything will be all right, don’t worry.”
– Bharati Kumari, Godda (Jharkhand)

“On July 21, 2010, when Tanuja Didi was teaching us Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, it seemed, as if it were not Tanuja Didi, but God Ganesha who was teaching us Shrimad Bhagvad Gita.”
– Manisha Kumari, Class V student

“On July 13, 2010, when I was asked to perform Vaastu Shuddhi (purification of the premises) of Agrasen Bhavan in preparation for Gurupournima, I had never seen Agrasen Bhavan before. But the map of the building had come to my mind two days prior to Gurupournima, and it was exactly the same as Agrasen Bhavan.”
– Kailash Kumar Mandal, Class IX student

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