Siddhis are hurdles in the process of self realisation.

Saint  Dnyanewshar made a composition on Bhagavad Gita called  Dnyanewshari. Till date it is the most popular book in Marathi on Bhagavad Gita. They then came back to Paithan and stayed there. There was a person called Changadev who was a Yogi, he was 1000 years old. He would walk on water, fly in the sky, get inside fire and come out without getting burnt. One day he got a new siddhi and started making dead people come alive. The whole village got to know about this and every one in Paithan and nearby villages started bringing everyone who was dead to Changadev and he made them come alive. However Changadev did not like Saint Dnyanewshar and would ask the people in the village what was there with Saint Dnyanewshar and why so many people went to meet him and listened to His abhangs and  discourses. The news reached Saint Dnyanewshar but he didn’t bother about it. Mukta Bai , his kid sister did not like this and she wanted to teach Changadev a lesson. Mukta Bai then went to Chagadev’s ashram and there were a lot of people waiting outside for the Yogi with a dead body next to them. When they saw the 5 year old Mukta Bai  they asked her to go away fearing that she would be frightened seeing the dead bodies. Mukta Bai  asked them why they were waiting outside and they said that they were waiting for Changadev to come and wake the dead bodies. Hearing this, the little girl said that she could also wake them up. They then told her that she would get frightened on seeing them and asked her to leave. She then ran towards the dead body and said “Vitthala Vitthala” on it ears and then ran away. The dead body immediately woke up and started jumping and chanting “Vitthala Vitthala”. Hearing this noise Changadev came outside. He then enquired what happened and the people who were waiting for him told him what happened. He then asked them if they knew who that kid was and they said that it was Saint Dnyanewshar’s kid sister. Changdev was shocked and surprised listening to this. He then wanted to meet Saint Dnyanewshar and came to meet him sitting on a tiger. Seeing this, the villagers panicked and ran to tell this news to Saint Dnyanewshar. Saint Dnyanewshar was then fixing the compound wall in his house; he sat on the wall and asked the wall to move towards Changadev. The wall immediately started moving and now villagers were surprised. When Changadev saw this he was astonished. He immediately got down prostrated to Saint Dnyanewshar and came to him. Saint Dnyanewshar then told him that these siddhis are not useful to attain god and that they only take one in the wrong direction. Changadev immediately realised what he was saying and asked Saint Dnyanewshar to show him the correct path. Saint Dnyanewshar then asked Mukta Bai  to show him the right path. Mukta Bai  then told him that listening to the stories of god, singing the praise of god is the only way to attain god. Changadev then prostrated both Mukta Bai  and Saint Dnyanewshar and went to Pandharpur to live like true bhaktha. From that day he never used any of the siddhis that he had gained. He stayed in Pandhari along with Sant Namdev and spent the rest of his life singing bhajans and kirthans and listening to pravachans.

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