Importance of devotion

नालं द्विजत्वं देवत्वमृषित्वं वासुरात्मजाः ।
प्रीणनाय मुकुन्दस्य न वृत्तं न बहुज्ञता ॥
न दानं न तपो नेज्या न शौचं न व्रतानि च ।
प्रीयतेऽमलया भक्त्या हरिरन्यद् विडम्बनम् ॥
दैतेया यक्षरक्षांसि स्त्रियः शूद्रा वजौकसः ।
खगा मृगाः पापजीवाः सन्ति ह्यच्युततां गताः ॥ – श्रीमद् भागवत पुराण (७:७:५१-५२, ५४)
Meaning :
Neither birth as a member of the twice-born classes, deity or Rishi nor character versatility nor charity, nor austerity, nor the performance of sacrifices, nor purity (of mind and body) nor sacred vows, are conducive to the pleasure of Bhagwan Mukunda, O Asura boys ! Shri Hari is propitiated through unalloyed Devotion (alone). All else is empty show. For there are many Daityas, Yaksas and ogres, womenfolk, Shudras (who can serve God only by physical body), cowherds, birds, beasts and those living by sin that have attained immortality through devotion.


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