God Vishnu cleanses even the worst sinners


किरातहूणान्ध्रपुलिन्दपुल्कसा आभीरकङ्का यवनाः खसादयः ।
येऽन्ये च पापा यदुपाश्रयाश्रया शुद्ध्यन्ति तस्मै प्रभविष्णवे नमः ॥  – श्रीमद् भागवद ( २:४:१८)
Meaning : The Kiratas, the Hunas, the Andhras, the Pulindas, the Pulkasas, the Aabhiras, the Kankas, the Yavanas, the Khasas and other sinful races no less than others of sinful conduct are purged of their sins even by taking refuge in those who depend on Him To that all-powerful God Vishnu we offer our greetings.

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