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संग्रहैकपर: प्राय: समुद्रोपि रसातले |
दातारं जलदं पश्य गर्जन्तं भुवनोपरी ||
Meaning : The sea which is only collecting the water and not giving to anyone  is present at the lower ground level of earth and in contrast the clouds which donate the water  from the higher altitudes.

Implied meaning  :  The writer here wants to highlight that the person who has the attitude of sacrifice attain higher status than the one who  is selfish and has the attitude of hoarding. The sea just collect the water is below ground level and the water also is salty whereas the cloud keep pouring water i.e has the attitude of giving hence its water is pure and distill . In the same way a seeker who just does spiritual practice for his or her own spiritual progress and is not bothered about others , their ego may get increased but the seeker who along with individual spiritual practice also makes effort to encourage and educate others to do sadhana, for him the chances of his ego getting increased is quite less because he finds may seekers and saints doing better sadhana than him or her .

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