Spiritual bankruptcy of some so-called devotees of Devi (Mother Goddess)

A glimpse into the intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of some so-called devotees of Devi (Mother Goddess)
Some ‘by birth’ Brahmin live in a village. I happened to stay in that village for a few months. There was a severe level Pitru Dosh (curse of the ancestors) in their family, as well as an attack by Maantriks (mightiest demoniac forces of the subtle world) from the third Pataal (hell region). When I told the males of that village, who pretended to be devout worshippers of Devi (Mother Goddess) about this, all of them replied that there are no subtle demonic forces and all these are mere fabricated stories that are figments of imagination. The Devi they worship and Devi Purana that they read, contain the strategy of warfare between the war between deities and demonic forces and between god and demons. Despite all this, such devotees who do not accept it, merely demonstrate their spiritual bankruptcy, which in turn reflects their spiritual decline. Thus, it becomes clear how important it has become to provide Dharma Shikshan (education about Dharma) to Hindus, in order to formally increase their knowledge of the science of spirituality and the knowledge about the subtle. I call them pretenders, as with their fake devotion to Devi, they publicly install idols of Maa Kaali, then with the money collected through donation, play predominantly Raj-Tam (spiritually impure) films songs and during the immersion of the idol, indulge in the act of dancing in a perverse manner in front of Maa Kaali and thus, satiate their desire, while others continue to witness such evil acts as mute onlookers, now what else does one call such devotees, but hypocrites!!  Tanuja Thakur (21.3.2013)

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