Upasana’s Spiritual Healing Centre

During past few years, many readers of our website, seekers of various gurus and curious people have been asking or writing to us about their problems or sufferings in order to seek their solutions.We found many people in the society require guidance and counselling at personal level hence keeping this viewpoint in mind, our organization ‘Upasana’ has started a Spiritual healing and counselling centre, where spiritual counselling is being provided for problems whose root causes lie in the spiritual realm.

Main reason for opening this centre is that 90% problems of current times are due to spiritual causes, which requires a diagnosis by subtle senses and also specialized spiritual healing methods and spiritual viewpoints too. As the majority of the people in the society who claim to solve the problems, in fact, do not analyse the root cause of problems through the subtle senses because of which many people are unable to get proper solutions of majority of their problems. In our healing centre we analyse the problems through advanced sixth sense and give the possible solution or spiritual viewpoints  for the problems the people suffer. The best part is anyone can avail this service from any part of the globe. So do register to avail this unique facility.

To register, please click here or for any other information, kindly write at, or call at +91-9717492523

Upasana Healing Center

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