Sattvik Lunch or Phalahar during festive season in Hotels

In some cities, a few hotels have started selling Saatvik lunch, or Phalahar (fruity meal) during the festive season for the people who observe a fast! But keep in mind while preparing such food which is being called Saatvik, norms for purity of the body and mind are not followed; hence they are Tamoguni; on […]

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Ram Rajya

One journalist asked me that if my objective is establishment of Ram Rajya, how will I establish Ram Rajya through Pravachans (discourses)? In the real sense, Ram Rajya means reining in one’s desires, getting immersed in the principle of God. When each and every person will start making efforts to establish such a Ram Rajya, […]

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Maruti as the servitor (Dasmaruti) and Maruti as the courageous one (Virmaruti): Hanuman has two forms namely Maruti as the servitor(das maruti) and Maruti as the courageous one(veer maruti). The servitor form is the one in which Hanuman stands in front of Rama with His hands folded in obeisance, His tail resting on the ground. […]

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How to Derive Maximum Benefit from a Satsang

Now, we will take a look at what we can do to derive maximum benefit from the subjects taught intellectually and Chaitanya generated beyond words. (i) Before going to attend a Satsang, do the salt-water treatment so that you can receive unhindered Chaitanya at the Satsang. I have seen that due to spiritual problems, some […]

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What is Manhood ?

Unleashing one’s carnal desires upon other women is not manhood (Purushattva).  Controlling one’s carnal desires and looking at women, other than one’s wife, as a form of maternal power (Maatrushakti) is called manhood (Purushattva). History bears testimony to the rapid destruction of the fame and dynasty of those kings who saw women as an object […]

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