Quotes from Scriptures


आशायाः ये दासाः ते दासाः सर्वलोकस्य । आशा येषां दासी तेषां दासायते लोकः ॥ Meaning : Those who are the slaves of ‘desire’ are slaves of the entire world. But world itself is the slave of those to whom ‘desire’ is a slave.  

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Protection against Kalipurusa

सदयं हृदयं यस्य भाषितं सत्यभूषितम् । कायः परहिते यस्य कलिस्तस्य करोति किम् ॥ Meaning : What harm can Kalipurusa do to him whose heart is full of kindness, whose speech is adorned with truth and whose body is for the good of others.

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Words of wisdom

किं मित्रमन्ते सुकृतं न लोकाः किं ध्येयमीशस्य पादं न शोकाः । किं काम्यमव्याजसुखं न भोगाः किं जल्पनीयं हरिनाम नान्यत् ॥ – रसगङ्गाधर Meaning : Who is a friend in the end ? Good deed(s), not people. What should be contemplated upon? The God’s feet, not sorrows. What should be desired ? Un-abound happiness (bliss attained […]

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