Master – Disciple

Guru’s blessings

When a disciple starts doing Sadhana (spiritual practice) under a Guru and when his devotion towards Him reaches the utmost level , He puts him through adverse circumstances to further polish the virtues such as patience, devotion, love, yearning, humility and surrender. If a disciple becomes successful on the strength of these virtues, the Guru […]

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Mumukshutva (the presence of an intense desire for self-realisation)

The most important attribute to realise God is Mumukshutva (the presence of an intense desire for self-realisation).  A seeker who possesses this attribute gets past all obstacles on the path to spiritual practice and becomes one with the Supreme Power.  Let us see what is Mumukshutva. The intense yearning  to attain liberation is called Mumukshutva.   […]

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Garlanding the Guru’s photograph

  ‘Question : A person’s photograph is garlanded only after his death, not when he is alive. Then why is a saint’s photograph garlanded when He is alive? Baba : Saints’ photographs are garlanded because They are not alive. They are actually dead. (Their ego is dead).

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