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Question : What is the difference between a Saint and a Guru


What is the difference between a Saint and a Guru?

Answer: Saints too are at different spiritual levels as per their spiritual practice, saints of the status of Guru (70% spiritual level) emit vibrations of Shakti (energy); saints at the status of Sadguru (spiritual master) at 80% spiritual level, are saints of the next higher level and they emit vibrations of bliss. These vibrations are even […]

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Gold gets purified only after it is put in the fire.

Just as a potter taps an earthen pot baked in fire to test how much it has been baked and identifies the fully baked earthen pots on this basis, similarly, Guru and God too put a seeker’s Sadhakatva  (seekerhood) and Sharanagati (surrender) through a test by creating adverse circumstances !  Actually, adverse circumstances are like […]

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When does a Guru distance a disciple from Himself ?

1. When a disciple is unqualified and even after making several efforts, does not try to rid himself of his defects. 2. The disciple has experienced the zenith of Gurubhakti (devotion unto the Master), then there is no difference between the Master and the disciple, then the Master leaves the disciple to ideate on his […]

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Guru’s strange ways of teaching

On 17th July 2001, I was travelling in a bus and reading a newspaper, there, I saw a celebrity’s photograph in it , a question arose in my mind , whose merits (punya) are more, a seeker like me or a celebrity of international standard like her . In the evening a friend of mine […]

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The Path of guru’s grace, the confluence of many paths

If one’s radio or television set breaks down then one gets it repaired from a mechanic from that field. Similarly, to make spiritual progress one requires a Guru or a person with authority in that field. As one practises Spirituality …

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Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master-disciple tradition) was a part and parcel of Bhartiya culture

Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master-disciple tradition) was inherent in the worldly way of life of our Bharatiya culture. For the eldest son, the father, for the younger brother, the elder brother and for the wife, the husband, were akin to a Guru; and a Karmanishtha (abding the action as per Dharma) Brahmins, with an inclination to sacrifice, […]

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Guru asks the disciple to give away the belongings to remove his atachment

The guru asks the disciple to give away the belongings till the time the disciple has attachment, once its gone, its the turn of the guru and He give so much that the world gets astonished ! -Tanuja Thakur

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The Humility of Khaderu baba

By God’s grace, a saint named H. H. Khaderu Bhagat came to our ashram from Jharkhand on our invitation for the function of Ramnavami in Our Delhi Aashram from 7th april to 12th april. God gave me the message on 11.4.2014 to record  the  experiences His  spiritual journey,  so I asked Him at twelve pm […]

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The status of the Master’s Servitor (Gurusevak)

Even for a saint immersed in the spiritual emotion (Bhav) of ‘Aham Brahma Asmi’ (I am Brahma), the status of the Master’s Servitor (Gurusevak), is the highest status in the universe (Brahmaand) when He is in duality.-Tanuja Thakur

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