Shree durga stuti

शरणागतदीनार्तपरित्राणपरायणे । सर्वस्यार्तिहरे देवि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ।। Meaning : Salutations to Narayani,   the one who is intent upon rescuing the distressed and the oppressed who take refuge in Her whole-heartedly and the one who removes all their sufferings.

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Durga Stuti

सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके ।
शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
Meaning :  Salutations to You, (O Narayani) Who is the auspiciousness in all the auspicious, rather Auspiciousness Herself…..

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Devi Stuti

नमो देव्यै महादेव्यै शिवायै सततं नमः | नमः प्रकृत्यै भद्रायै नियताः प्रणताः स्म ताम् || Meaning : Obeisance to the Goddess who is the greatest of all Goddesses. We always worship to this consort of God Shiva. Salutations to this Goddess who takes the form of mother nature and who grants all good happennings to […]

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